convert your sunnen, ammco, excello or other machines into a tennessee hone!

You'll get the benefits and advantages of being able to use the TENNESSEE 2-Stone Honing System...proven to be the fastest and most accurate honing method in the industry! And best of all, you'll reduce the honing costs by up to 65% compared to the SUNNEN system!

Compare the differences in system components to cover the honing range from 3/16" to 3" diameter.

  sunnen tennessee
Mandrels Required
  • 96 soft mandrels
  • 96 hard mandrels
  • 29 mandrels
Other Items
  • Wedges; Stones; Retainers; Adapter Wedge Guide; Truing Sleeves; Guide Shoes
  • One adapter
Mandrel Life
  • Mandrel makes contact with the work piece
  • 2-3 boxes of stones wear out a mandrel
  • Only stones make contact with work pieces
  • No mandrel wear for lifetime use

t1000 adapter is easy to install on any machine!

This adapter receives all standard TENNESSEE Mandrels 1/16" to 3". Simply remove the insert screw, change mandrels, and replace the screw.

A Honing Shop Guide is included with each T1000 Adapter. It contains complete instructions to simplify your honing application.

Click here to download a pdf of the installation instructions.

How To Videos

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