Superior Honing Equipment Replacement Stones/Sticks

Mandrels and StonesIf you are looking for Superior Hone Equipment you are at the right place. Superior Honing Equipment was our master distributer. Unfortunately they could not survive the economic down fall and had to file for bankruptcy in 1999. Tennessee Abrasive has manufactured Superior honing stones and tooling since 1986. All of our stones and mandrels fit directly into your Superior Hone machine. Tennessee Abrasive has replacement parts for most Superior machines. The founder of Tennessee Abrasive Richard D. Harris, Sr. was the division plant manager of Superior Hone (MWA) for over 35 years. Richard started Tennessee Abrasive in 1986. Superior Hone (MWA) went out of business in 1989. Please take a tour of our web site and if you have any questions please call one of our very experienced engineers.

30th Anniversary 2016