MD-1 mandrel driver

MD-1When accurate sizing and precision finishing is a must, the TENNESSEE ABRASIVE MD-1 MANDREL DRIVER is the answer!

Keyways and slots hone faster and hold .001 accuracy, ideal for die work, bushings, dowel pin holes. Converts any drill press to a vertical honing machine in seconds! No tools are necessary..snaps in with a twist of the wrist!

Mandrels sizes .177 to 3.000 Standard in stock. Furnished in No. 2, 3 or 4 Morse Tapers, straight or special shank.

Mandrel sizes .060 to .177 recommended only for Horizontal Honing machines and on "VH" Honing heads.

MD-1 Mandrel Driver snaps in with twist of the wrist!

30th Anniversary 2016