honing oil

Honing OilTennessee Abrasive Honing Oils are specially compounded for ferrous and nonferrous honing to:

  • Dissipate heat from the workpiece
  • Lubricate tool contact surfaces (guides)
  • Flush bore free of honing swarf
  • And maintain clean, free cutting abrasive conditions.

TA-230 honing oil

Recommended for continuous honing of most materials, including: steel, cast iron, carbide, aluminum, bronze and ceramics. Use with any make honing equipment or tooling.

  • TA-230-5 Sulfur Based, 5 gallon pail
  • TA-230-55 Sulfur Based, 55 gallon drum (nonrefundable)

TA-130 Honing Oil

Specifically coded for Tennessee Two-stone type honing systems and other abrasive type tools. Ideal for extremely fast cutting in all materials.

  • TA-130-5 Non Sulfur Based, 5 gallon pail
  • TA-130-55 Non Sulfur Based, 55 gallon drum (nonreturnable)

NOTE: ALWAYS use clean coolant. Dirty coolant can result in poor honing performance and contribute to skin irritation.

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