Bonded abrasive honing stones/sticks

Our bonded abrasive honing stones/sticks are second to none.

We manufacture high quality bonded abrasive honing stones/sticks in Silicon carbide (S/C) and Aluminum Oxide (A/O). Designed to remove stock quickly. We have the best prices and ship dates in the industry. All of our bonded abrasives are made in the USA. Call use today for pricing and samples.

Tennessee Abrasive manufactures high quality Bonded abrasive honing stones in Aluminum oxide, Silicon carbide, Cubitron, Diamond and Borazon (CBN) Designed to remove stock fast and efficiently.

Tennessee Abrasive has a wide range of sizes, shapes and grits 24 grit thru 1500 grit. We specialize in special hard to fine abrasives. Along with all of the standard conventule abrasives.

All of our honing stones are manufactured with the highest abrasive materials. Our products are 100% manufactured right here in the USA by proud hard working American citizens. Call or email one of our very experienced engineers for any help you may need.

30th Anniversary 2016